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Beauty of Nature

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Woodland ponds at Ogrodzieniec -Józefowo

Natural woodland ponds, integrated picturesquely into the forest complex, offer good conditions for water sports and angling, a large and rich forest complex is also good for those who go mushrooming or rest in the bosom of nature.

'Krępa' Recreation Centre

A centre founded on a lagoon crossed by a river with clean, spring water. Wonderful areas with diversified topography, lush plant cover, vast woodlands with a rich ground flora are a hunting ground for those who love resting undisturbed.

Nature monuments - the springs of the Centuria River

Nearby Ogrodzieniec is a large flooding of the Centuria River springs whose water is ranked among the cleanest in Poland. In its neighborhood, you can also admire the largest endemic position of Polish scurvy grass (Cochlearia polonica).

The Golden Fleece of nature

Exceptionally diversified surface features, a variety of soils and a specific microclimate are decisive factors for the luxuriance and abundance of vegetation in the district. In our district you can meet about 700 vascular plants; 35 species are under strict statutory protection. Then, there are also 21 mountain and 111 rare plant species. Podzamcze is the part with the richest nature assets in the District - with 202 plant species. The world of animals is represented by deer, boars, foxes, badgers, hares, pine martens, and others. Then, there are also 10 species of reptiles and amphibians, many birds and insects, rare species of butterflies included.

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Plac Wolności 25, 42-440 Ogrodzieniec

tel.: (32) 67 09 700

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Gmina Ogrodzieniec położona jest w woj. śląskim, w centralnym punkcie Jury Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej pomiędzy Krakowem, Częstochową i Katowicami. Leży w granicach Zespołu Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Śląskiego, a jednocześnie na obszarze Parku Krajobrazowego Orlich Gniazd.
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