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Attractive Relax

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Events and Old Polish evenings

Each year, from spring to autumn, the Ogrodzieniec castle at Podzamcze is the set of a large number of outdoor events: viz. jousts, international folk festival, concerts of stars, festivities, feast of the District of Ogrodzieniec as well as unique Old Polish evenings. In the castle you can see some permanent expositions - „Theatrum Mulierum - Women's Theatre', Warszycki dungeons, and the Castle Museum. In the scheduled time on Sundays and public holidays, tourist may admire jousts and old dances; instead, on Friday evenings, guests can visit the castle accompanied by local ghosts. The stronghold of Ogrodzieniec Is attractive not only for tourists; Andrzej Wajda, a master of film making, himself chose It as the set for the film adaptation of 'Zemsta' [The Revenge'] by Fredro.

Another unique attraction in the district is the fortified Town on the Birow Mount which is a set for events called 'The Invasion of Barbarians' as well as for outdoor handicraft exhibitions and educational weeks. Contact: ZAMEK" Spółka z o.o. tel. /032/ 67-32-220, 67-32-991.

Ostriches in the Jura

The ostrich farm at Kiełkowice offers a visit to the hatchery, hatchlings rearing hall, pen for adult birds, purchase of souvenirs made of feathers and egg shells and eggs proper, and even photographs with an Australian emu ostrich (tel. +48 32 677 57 52).

Sports arena, pitch

All sporty visitors may use a newly commissioned, full size sports arena with a climbing wall, situated at the Junior High School (Gimnazjum) at Ogrodzieniec-Cementownia. On the road leading to the 'Krępa' Recreation Centres is situated a public soccer pitch and a volleyball court.

'Jura' bowling alley offers 5 bowling rinks
Ogrodzieniec, ul. Kościuszki 107, tel. (032) 67-35-124, 67-10-529

Wellness & Spa Centre

An exclusive hotel situated at Ogrodzieniec, at ul. Centuria 1 , at the heart of the forest complex, offers aromatherapies and rituals performed by licensed massage therapists and beauticians, and a relax in a swimming pool with water attractions, jacuzzi, dry sauna, and sweat baths. The hotel offers as well any and all special events and functions, tel. (032) 678 35 00,

  • CZARNY RYCERZ Biuro Organizacji Imprez i Eventów
  • POZIOM 511 Design Hotel & SPA
  • Hotel "Pod Figurą"

Plac Wolności 25, 42-440 Ogrodzieniec

tel.: (32) 67 09 700

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Gmina Ogrodzieniec położona jest w woj. śląskim, w centralnym punkcie Jury Krakowsko-Częstochowskiej pomiędzy Krakowem, Częstochową i Katowicami. Leży w granicach Zespołu Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Śląskiego, a jednocześnie na obszarze Parku Krajobrazowego Orlich Gniazd.
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